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Facilities Management App

Manage your facilities with BEAM AdvantageTM! Track roofs, walls, water intrusions, photos, warranties, and more! BEAM AdvantageTM is a web based, full feature database solution used for the management of building assets, maintenance, documents, and contacts. It was created by a team of building professionals, and has over 20 years of development and improvement with feedback from current users.


Powerful Tools

Organize more than building envelope assets! All of your clients, sites, buildings, and sectors in one convenient database! Automatically associate contact information, photos, work orders, and files with relevant buildings and clients!

Useful Reports

Present your data professionaly and efficiently! Generate inspection reports, project degradation over time, track work orders, monitor ongoing projects, and more!

Unlimited Storage

Keep photos, warranties, inspection reports, drawings, and any other building asset documents in one free, secure location!

Works on Any Device

100% accessible on any device with internet access! Turn on, log in, and manage your building's assets wherever you are!

All Files Welcome

Store any building asset file: warranties, photos, drawings, inspection reports, invoices (and more) as any type: .pdf, .doc, .dwg (and more)

Comprehensive Solutions

Bring it all together under one roof! In addition to managing building assets, track and manage client contact with integrated CRM features! Manage your entire operation with one app!

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BEAM AdvantageTM is designed by and for Contractors, Consultants, and Facility Managers, through over 20 years of development and enhancements based on industry insight and professional experience.

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